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Our corporate mission:

Creating value for customers, employees, shareholders and society

Our core values:

Customer first, to encourage innovation


Our business philosophy:

Good science, good deeds, love, win

Our entrepreneurial spirit:

Dedication, team spirit, dedication



Talent: ability and integrity, survival of the fittest

Concept of time: Time is money, so every minute value

Market outlook: The Super survival, left for the king

Implementation Approach: Understanding also perform, do not understand also perform, obedient did

Service concept: the customer is always right

Quality: Quality comes first, three "noes" principle (not to receive bad, not bad for manufacturing, does not emit harmful)

Management concept: management is serious love, pro too strict, sparse by wide

Style concept: keep re-Connaught, fast response, the courage to take

Learning Concept: Learning is added

Security Concept: safety first, prevention

Communication Concept: speech should be specific, to be clear, to quantify, communicate stress response system

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